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Ulli and Dog James Bond (Homepage) hat am 07.03.2013 02:07:16 geschrieben :

first, thanks for setting my Banner-Link in your Linklist. Please send me your Link (including a Banner 468x60) for my linklist Linklist - HaustierverzeichnisJames Bond der Hund der Ideen-Werkstatt FIM Las Palmas in Fuengirola an der Costa del Sol
Ulli + Dog James Bond

natalie hat am 17.12.2012 09:12:10 geschrieben :

Hi Patrick,

Just a quick one to see how fluffy has settled in? I know u are very busy and we wont be emailing alot we promise!

Natalie and mike

Lourika Reinders hat am 11.10.2012 19:17:20 geschrieben :

Great Service
Our two dogs have been going to Patrick's and Ann's since they were puppies. They ALWAYS have a great time there, they return clean, fluffy and FULL of smiles!!!
Thanks you guys so much for always being available to our family when we need to travel. Tessa and Trey really enjoys it there...(even if Trey messes up your lawn)...
See you all soon....

gabriel scharnagl hat am 24.07.2012 00:26:23 geschrieben :

toll was du da machst patrick lieben gruss aus dem walde ^^gabriel

Fr. König (Homepage) hat am 21.03.2012 18:07:03 geschrieben :

Süße Hunde
ihr habt echt süße kleine Racker. Wünsche euch noch viel Erfolg!

Malcom (Homepage) hat am 24.08.2011 12:29:31 geschrieben :

I like your site!

Anyse Joslin hat am 14.06.2011 17:55:15 geschrieben :

How wonderful. I am so happy to have found you!
I love the pics and movies of the dogs. I hope that Dante can live up to the livliness of the others. I really look forward to bringing him there. I also hope to get him there when I go on out of town trips, my trip to St Petersburg in 2012 to further my education in Russian language and to study Russian Art History, a month trip to Brazil in 2013 to visit a dear friend, to Europe in 2014, another in 2015 and, maybe, the East Coast of the US in 2016. There are more places to go, of course and I will take week-long trips to Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, Northern Thailand, Laos, China, and India. I also have to go to Indonesia! So, I am glad that I can acclimate him to your help over time.

Thank you for being there!


Anyse (the person "owned" by Dante!)

Jack hat am 17.03.2011 16:15:36 geschrieben :

Ras Tafari
I am now a regular user of the Baantommy Service and would be most Happy to recommend their care and attention. Ras is well-cared for every time, and retuurns to me a well-exercised and happy Dog. Many Thanks for your continued High-Quality Service...

Frank hat am 21.11.2010 22:56:43 geschrieben :

Thank you so much!!!
Thank you both so much for the exceptional care you gave our dogs. Your professionalism together with your kindness and empathy with dogs are a winning combination!

Christa hat am 22.09.2010 20:24:45 geschrieben :

Besuch bei Dir
GB4You Gästebuchbilder Klick Hier

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